Residential Tree Cutting Services

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Here at Cornthwaite tree Care Ltd we carry out residential tree services to the highest industry standards and have done so since we started our company in 2007. We are a Lancashire based tree surgery company that continually strives towards providing the best service possible for our valued customers.

To this aim we have achieved approved contractor status from the Arboricultural Association, an award that is verified annually to ensure our standards are continually at the top of our industry sector. Our systems, workforce qualifications, insurance, Customer care,  knowledge and experience are all subject to rigorous scrutiny by the Arboricultural Association to ensure that only the top contractors can wear their badge with pride. Please visit for lots of useful information on their approved contractor scheme.

Whether it’s a small pruning job or the removal of large storm damaged trees our professionalism, attention to detail and ability to overcome the unexpected have ensured a very high level of customer satisfaction. Indeed we have spent very little on advertising over the years as the majority of our business comes via recommendations from our very satisfied customers.

Our Services

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur services for residential customers include

  • Free no obligation quote on all tree works – throughout Lancashire, Manchester, Liverpool, and Cheshire.
  • Crown reductions – The reduction of the overall size of the trees upper branches to give more space around the tree and to increase light levels.
  • Crown thinning – Some species of trees become very thick in their appearance. Selected branches including any deadwood are removed to open the crown up. The overall size remains the same. This process can help to increases light levels.
  • Crown Lifting – This process involves removing the lower branches to give more room under the tree. This could be to stop branches rubbing on existing structures, allow a line of sight beyond the tree or
  • Felling or Sectional felling – Trees can either be felled in one single operation or section felled. Section felling involves climbing and dismantling a tree branch by branch. This allows trees in confined areas to be felled and removed without damaging the surrounding area. If required, lowering equipment is used such as when the tree is over a conservatory or neighbouring property.
  • Stump and root grinding- Once a tree has been felled  we can remove the stump using our tracked stump grinder  leaving the area level and ready for you to replant or use for something new.
  • Management of Storm damaged or diseased trees
  • Hedge maintenance including reshaping, reductions and planting of all species of hedging
  • Woodland management works
  • Overgrown garden clearance
  • Recycling our work place arisings for mulch and fuel