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Machinery/Plant Hire

At Cornthwaite Tree Care we specialise in the operation of top grade equipment and machinery, providing our clients with the best resources available on the market.

Plant Trailer – We use our plant trailer to transport all our machinery. It is a vital part of our business, allowing us to deliver our plant to required locations.


Skip Trailer – The skip trailer does exactly what it says on the tin; it is used to transport skips to and from locations.


Stump Grinder - The stump grinder is used to excavate the stump of a tree to the desired level without removing the roots. This is perfect for finalising a job as it can completely remove the tree from sight, or just be shortened.


Valtra – Our Valtra features a roof mounted crane which assists us with transportation and manoeuvering of logs and other products. It is also used for tasks such as towing machinery and removing chip and timber from our sites.


Bandit Chipper 20XP – Officially rated as a 20-inch capacity machine, the Bandit chipper 20XP offers a great compromise to a whole tree chipper, while constantly delivering as good a result as you could imagine. The machine features a large 26.25-inch by 24.50-inch throat opening, allowing it to chew up almost anything thrown it's way.


Nelly – Nelly is our canal barge, fitted with her own chipper; assisting us on the canals to fell trees and deliver the best service possible whilst on the water.


JCB Fastrac – Our Fastrac has many different purposes but is mostly used for towing and assisting in the transportation of other machinery, such as the hooklift trailer, plant trailer, skip trailer and timber trailer. We also use it to remove chip and timber from our sites.


Bobcat – The Bobcat excavator can do the job of some of the larger machines but is packed into a smaller design, increasing mobility and ensuring results. It is ideal for working in small areas or when a site could contain certain hazards.


Forklift – The forklift allows us to lift and manoeuvre heavy objects and materials, ensuring everything is done as safely and as efficiently as possible.


Forst Track chipper – Our Forst track chipper is much smaller than some of our other chippers although still packs a punch. The Frost is very easy to transport due to its small size and it ideal for smaller residential jobs.


Doosan – Very similar to the Bobcat only larger, our Doosan excavator is a very reliable and efficient machine with the ability to interchange attachments; capable of digging, lifting, and loading application without breaking a sweat.


Mewp – The Mewp comes in extremely useful when we are unable to assess a situation from ground level and we need a better perspective. Furthermore, they are used whenever possible when it comes to felling as this is the safest option for our climbers. If we are unable to position the Mewp for any number of reasons this is when the climbers take to the trees.

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